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OANDA Forex Broker

The spread in trading is the difference between the BID (buy price) and ASK (sell price) of a financial instrument.

This page supplements our main OANDA review, providing additional details on FX broker OANDA spreads.

Standard vs Core Account
Standard vs Core Spreads

The spreads and fees detailed below are accurate as at the 25th August 2019.

OANDA Spread-only (Standard) vs Core Pricing Account Features

As with many specialist Forex brokers, OANDA Australia offer two forms of pricing for currency traders. The first is the standard spread-only pricing model in which a trader pays no commission, however the brokers spread is added to the market spread. This is the nature of a “standard” variable spread trading account that every single FX broker, including OANDA, offers.

The second pricing model OANDA offers is the Core Pricing + Commission model/account.
In this scenario, Australian traders (those with their account base currency as AUD) would pay a commission equivalent to AUD 3.50 per full currency lot (100,000 worth) per side, and in exchange access significantly lower spreads. These are the raw market spreads via an ECN type model.
Trades which are not in multiples of 100,000 will be charged on a pro rata basis and a minimum commission charge of AUD 0.01 applies.

Oanda Standard-vs-Core Pricing Accounts
Key differences in OANDA’s spreads, features and minimum deposit for their Standard (spread-only) vs Core Pricing + Commission trading accounts


OANDA Australia Standard vs Core Spreads

The spreads comparison table listed below compares OANDA Forex spreads for their two main currency trading accounts: the Core Pricing + Commission Account and the Standard Account.

Comparison of OANDA spreads on spread-only vs core pricing account
Comparison of OANDA spreads on their spread-only account vs core pricing plus commission Forex trading account.

Disclaimer: OANDA spreads and fees are subject to change at any time. Whilst every effort is made to keep the above OANDA Forex Broker information up to date, we cannot guarantee the accuracy. You should confirm the current spreads, commission and charges on the OANDA web site prior to making any decisions.

OANDA Spreads & Fees Review

Our review of OANDA Australia Pty Ltd shows in a variety of ways that they actually want their clients to become successful self-directed traders. OANDA’s transparent pricing model is such that they do not profit from losses a trader may have as some other brokers in the industry do.
OANDA has won a variety of excellence awards both from within the industry and from clients. Please view our full OANDA review for further detailed ratings and complete analysis of this FX broker.

OANDA Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Reviewed By: Stuart Young
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Last Updated: 2nd November, 2023
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